In Ngaoundére: Parents Urged to Play Role in Child Upbringing

The SDO for Vina division, Dikosso Seme Fritz, in Adamawa region called on parents to invest in the education of their children, while he precided over a school excellence ceremony, in the deeds room of Classical and Modern High school, Ngaoundéré.

According to the administrator, the laxity of the side of parents explains poor academic results earned by pupils/students, and spelled out the fact that Adamawa is classified as a priority education zone with incredible figures like that which was obtained in the recent competition of the bilingual technical exams.

The SDO believes that such excellence on merit will arouse healthy competition amongst pupils, students and also congratulated  laureates while encouraging them to stay on course, applauding  teachers and the supervisory staff for the quality of the work.

The founder of the school group Prof. Sokeng Célestin believes that discipline remains key for results to be achieved.

By Katakap Heritier

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