Monday, December 20, 2021

In Adamawa: Taxpayers Registration Certificates At Hand

Mission teams from MINFI have been recieved at the conference room of the Regional Delegation of Posts and Telecommunications in Adamawa, with intensions to discuss the module that will allow staff of the State; banks, micro-finances and post offices to consult and publish free of charge, the registration certificates of all taxpayers.

With close collaboration from the governor of the Adamawa region, HM Elhadj Kildadi Taguieké Boucar, the treasurer-payer general, the regional financial controller, the head of the regional tax center, and the head of the Adamawa customs sector, that the head of Mission of the General Directorate of Taxes, Ojongfong Martin, oversee the activity.

Details of the meeting will be revealed to Civiclens soon..



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