Adamawa Region: Electricity Returns in Djohong

After living in darkness for almost a year, the municipality of Djohong regains electricity, to put an end to the overdued power failure that had punctured most activities in the area thereby affecting income generating activities.

For the first time in almost 4 years, the populations living in Djohong, Adamawa region will spend end of year celebrations with light.

It's been a week since electricity was restored in the city of Djohong This was after a general cut that took place about 4 months ago, a situation that raised concerns since its barely a year, since the city had just been re-supplied after two years of blackout on the high voltage line between Meiganga and garoua-boulai.

Most housewives in the area expressed joy as they will now have access to their television sets; to watch favourite TV programs and above all, famillies will get together follow the matches, CAN total energy in Cameroon.

Djohong is a town and commune in Cameroon. The village of Djohong dates back to colonial times. Originally it was located in the valley just NE of current Djohong and was named "Dzong."

By Katakap Heritier

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