Black Day in Mamfe, Manyu Division - Cameroon

Sources close to Civiclens reported that over 30 bodies have been counted in Egbekaw- Mamfe, Manyu Division of the South West Region of Cameroon on 6th November 2023 at around 3am.

From our sources, the "macabre act" as described by onlookers at the scene of the event, recounted the story to reproters of civiclens that houses had been set ablazed with people inside.

Men, Women, Children were inside these houses; some of whom were shot, others raped and killed and others were victims of the fire, roasted to death.

At the time of this report, unconfirmed information from inhabitants of the area told the story of seperatists fighters invading the neighborhood after they came to bury one of their own who was killed, an act which they say could be a retaliation. 

The death toll stands at 30 at the time of this report and we had information that some bodies have been deposited at the Mamfe district hospital with the help of the military.

A good number of people in Mamfe are of the opinion that there could be more bodies.

"What i saw should be more than that...just few minutes ago we just discovered another corpse burnt in the house. More than 15 houses were burnt with family members inside, while some are in the hospital"...

According to other videos making rounds on social media, two young girls were raped before being killed and one was due delivery and the babies, children were not spared.

No group as of the time of this report claimed responsibility for this act, the population in that locality blame ambazonian separatist fighters.

This tragic incident in Mamfe has been described by many as the height of human wickedness.

Photo Credit: Ndeba Peter

Bamenjo Petronilla follows updates on the story....

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