Bafut Mayor takes electricity, classrooms to Tangoh

The President of Tangoh Development Association and representatives of quarter heads in Bafut, women and youths have appreciated their Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence for the development strides observed in their area, which to them is sustainable and a plus to their livelihood.

The people of Tangoh village in Bafut subdivision thanked the Mayor for the 2 classrooms provided to them for their children, and electricity, a commodity they never had until Ngwakongho Lawrence's mandate as Mayor of Bafut.

The Mayor of Bafut encouraged education for all and like Oliver Twist the people asked for more; requesting for portable water and good roads.

This was a similar gesture months back, from the population of Mankaa in Bafut, who congratulated the Mayor for constructing a bridge linking the village to Mbebili.

Information says the bridge was a major need for that community, as the local population faced difficulties accessing other communities especially at night.

The people are hopeful that even with the problem of insecurity faced in the region, the Mayor will continue to lobby for projects which are community based and are in the Interest of the local man.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence used his exchange with the representatives of quater heads to make a fervent call on the respect of barrier measures against COVID-19 and go in for the vaccines.

Despite the ongoing conflict, the Mayor of Bafut - Ngwakongoh Lawrence has been tactful in the approach used in the course of implementating projects.

The municipality of Bafut emerged first in the execution of public investment projects in Mezam in 2021 and second across the region with an execution rate above 95%.

The municipality was an epicenter during confrontations between Cameroon's Military and armed separatists-looking to create a new state, yet the Mayor is striving to make his people comfortable by providing to communities their needs.

It has taken the dynamism of the Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence, the bravery of contractors and the collaboration of the population to have projects realized in the municipality in 2021.

Most people depend on land for survival in Bafut subdivision. There are 54 villages, with its economy of characterized by economies of agglomeration, and the most predominant activity is farming, involving about 80% of the total population

Mayor Ngwakongoh has continued to preach the message of peace to all and sundry who want the subdivision to move ahead with development projects for as it stands, tax collection in Bafut is at zero.

By Ndefru Melanie

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