Andek Council Announces Holiday Job Offer, Paving Way for Back-to-School

.      Mayor Andek Council

The Mayor of Andek Council, Ubangoh Helly Manyelle Abakoh, announced a holiday job offer to over 40 youths, as a way of preparing pupils and students in Ngie sub division, for the forthcoming academic year 2020/2021. 

He made the statement during a council session on September 10th, 2020 in the presence of over 20 councilors, engaging them in preaching the message of peace and development, while harnessing efforts for effective school resumption in Ngie.

According to the Mayor, the council will make efforts in the days ahead to disinfect school campuses and clean the environment, within it's municipality; markets, health centers, the palace, with the manual labour force of some youths who will engage in the holiday job and earn support to prepare them for school.

"On school ressumptions, we have taken all dispositions for schools to reopen in Andek, we are going to clean and disinfect all the neighboring schools especially those in Andek. We are also making arrangements for all the teachers who are out of Ngie, to be able to return." Mayor of Andek Council.

Councilors of Andek in session

For the management account session and being a new council, it held it's maiden session away from Andek due to the insecurity situation and the Mayor took over at a time when the council and  projects had been abandoned, due to the political upheaval.

The session was however dedicated for the evaluation of projects executed since the beginning of 2020 and it is worth noting that Ngie is made up of over 18 villages.

Apart from other projects, the Mayor has accompanied people in Andek, in the fight against the Coronavirus, by sharing facemask, stationing buckets and hand sanitizers for the people use.

The need for the reconstruction plan to begin with areas that are calm was mentioned and Mbengwi the Divisional headquarters was one of those areas cited. 

The Mayor pleaded with the Member of Parliament for Momo West constituency, Awutah Phillip Atubah, who was present at the session, to do his best for peace to return, so that Ngie could also benefit from the reconstruction plan.

"If we are doing development and then we don't talk about education, then the word cannot be complete, the Mayor and myself will put heads together, we all will merge efforts and bring development to our different Communities" MP for Momo West.

Ngie Subdivision is to conceive 39 projects with the present law which provides that, the people's needs must be implemented and be relevant to the municipality: good roads, electricity, Agricultural production, health facilities, markets.

The National President for Ngie Cultural and Development Association, NCADA says " the association is the body that will carry the message of development to the grassroots and that the people will make use of the microgrants if engaged through, "Man power", (manual labour).Dr Ebah Ajeck Peter, President of NCADA.

The Mayor of Andek Council is expected to work on a budget line for 2021, to use a participatory approach to come up with a realistic budget and according to him, the hindrance stems from elite, sons and daughters supporting the attrocities of separatists fighters, which prevents growth and development to be enjoyed by the Ngie people.

To this effect, Mayor for Andek Council, Ubangoh Helly Manyelle Abakoh, reiterated the Governor's words, asking "all service heads and stakeholders, councilors are adviced to return to Ngie by the end of October, else Salaries, especially that of teachers will be withdrawn", considering the forthcoming resumption of schools.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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