Regional Elections: A Proximity Approach Solving the Crisis

Secretary of State for Mines, Fuh Calistus Gentry

The Secretary of State for mines, Fuh Calistus  says the Regional elections will give room for local realities and challenges to be presented in a unique way by Young men and Women selected by the grassroot people, from all fascets to represent their divisions and Subdivisions.

"It is the content of the offer to resolve the Anglophone Crisis that matters, not the name, call it federation or decentralization, Regional Councils would serve as perfect guarantors of peace in the country.” The Minister said

He further explained the benefits that the Regional elections is coming with and didn't fail to mention that room has been created for diverse opinions and experiences.

" We concerned about 30% of the women being represented, we are concerned about people with diverse opinion and diverse  and people came in from all shades of life but at the end of the people on the ground will decide the candidates" Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines

To him this is an opportunity for traditional rulers and other stakeholders to manage their local realities, and cautioned that there is need for a minimum requirement required, to be part of the Regional house.

 "Candidates need to be literate enough to read some basic text and listen to issues concerning this nation. The House of chiefs will be looking at issues concerned their Cultural values, The President discovered that the Anglophone man has a cultural heritage they want to protect and wanted that to evolve in an orderly manner" he added.

The Secretary of State said this is possibly the last phase of the democracy that the President started instituting in the nation, and its full phase to be fully realised, come 2021.

" What the people wanted is to manage the problems themselves and this creates a new position, where we will see the people responding, since they have a mastery of each division and subdivision, will congregate in Bamenda."

After President Paul Biya had convened the electorates for December 6th, candidates are anxious despite the stakes and he says this comes as a great sigh of relief.

" we need these structures in place to accompany the measures we have been taking on the ground, to make sure stability returns" Minister said.

"We need to focus, put our energy with tthe house of chiefs and rally support behind the House of Chiefs, get down to work, together with the regional reconstruction comittee to build our region again, build our lives  and making things work."

The regional elections acts as a strong guarantor and a strong ingredient to ensure that Peace returns to the Northwest and Southwest Regions and the Minister is quite convinced that the people at the grassroot, will recieve and actively take part in the process.

The Regional Elections is for the interest of the people living in the two English speaking regions and it's designing according to the Minister, will bring more opportunities and futher development.


By Ndefru Melanie




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