Bamenda: Pregnant Woman Treks Home as Police Inspector Is killed.

People within the city of Bamenda have ran home for satefty after a Police Inspector was killed, by suspected separatists fighters in the early hours of September 1st, deserting the streets and locking up buisness.

Police Inspector killed in Bamenda

The Most part of the city, Bamenda Northwest region of Cameroon escaped to safety, as a Police Inspector, named as "Petit Bikolo" was shot dead arround small Mankon, and left in the pool of his own blood.

The Month of September which should be characterised with talks of back-to-school, begins with gunshots in Bamenda, endangering the lifes of food vendors and hawkers who were on the streets selling at the time.

Few gunshots were heard arround city chemist junction, some traders packed their goods and other shops attempted locking up, then few hours later at about 2pm, people started running, fleeing to different directions as the police men added in numbers and gunshots heard from small Mankon, church centre and city chemist.

People going through the quaters

Some buisness operators, and traders from food market flee without lucking up their shops properly, running through quarters and heading to directions away from the intense gunshots.

Others lay posterate on the floor, hoping that, the tension will calm down for them to return home. Others have not been able to get home because their homes are found in more hostile areas, and are not sure about the situation.

"I got the gunshots and I was confused, I was buying in the market, some women help me hide somewhere untill we could move and find a way to return home. In my condition, I don't think I can trek." A pregnant woman tells Civiclens.

Others may get home and others may not, these are the conditions in which the people of Bamenda go through, whenever there is an exchange between the armed groups.

By Ndefru Melanie
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