ALI BACHIR FOUNDATION offers A Hearse at the Yaoundé Central Mosque

The Muslim community in the city of Yaoundé has just received a brand new hearse. This brand new vehicle generously offered by El Hadj ALI BACHIR. The solemn ceremony took place on April 14, 2021 in the grounds of the Great Mosque of Yaoundé located in the Briqueterie district.
The population received a brand new hearse donated by the ALI BACHIR foundation. The event intended to hand the keys of the Hearse, pulled a huge crowd to witness this solemn ceremony.
The donor made it clear that this vehicle is intended for the populations of the Brickyard of all persuasions. Ali Bachir promised to “take care of the driver; fueling and the maintenance of the vehicle.”

The donor opted to engage in the commitment sited above, the entrepreneur also brought this to the notice of the Grand Imam of the Central Mosque of Yaoundé.

El Mohaman Saminou who received this donation, on behalf of the community expressed gratitude for the donor's gesture, which comes as a relief at a time when, the problems of conservation and transport are reccurenta.
"By offering us this hearse during such a delicate period because of the COVID19 pendulum, the ALI BACHIR foundation relieves the population in this very difficult time. A thousand thanks ”, he said.
The Grand Imam of the Brickyard Community, reiterated his thanks accompanied with blessings.
The donor also recognized the pressing needs of the population, despite the Hearse to solve the problem of movement and he gave them hopes to respond to their needs through their blessings.
 “I understand that there is a lot for our parents to do. We are already doing what we can and we hope with their prayers will help us to do more for their happiness ”.

In the same vein, the ALI BACHIR FOUNDATION will assist in the inauguration of the ultra modern mosque in the Bamyaga Marza district, Ngaoundéré in Adamaoua on Friday, April 16, a week after that of the Haoussa district was officially recieved.

ALI BACHIR FOUNDATION is currently rebuilding several mosques in the Adamawa. It has also financed the rehabilitation works of some mosques in the city of Garoua Boulai in the Eastern region and is supporting the construction of several places for the preservation of bodies in the coast.

By katakap Héritier
Correspondent Adamawa

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