SABC Donates to Communities in Bamenda

Equipment donated to Communities in Bamenda

Brasseries du Cameroon, SABC group has donated boreholes, benches and some medical equipment to communities in Bamenda, at a time when the local population is faced with challenges on 2 fronts; the health crisis and the anglophone crisis, turned an armed conflict. Communities like Ntambag, Ntarinkon, Nkwen neighborhoods amongst many others have been beneficiaries of these equipment offered by SABC group.

This happened during the Launch of the SABC group in Bamenda, involved a donation comprising of 100 benches; for 2 institutions of the basic and secondary education, a 96 metres deep draining bore hole, fully constructed and equiped by SABC group. Solar equipment to povide access to drinking water for over 24hrs a day, 0full hospital beds, 10 full cradles, 2 maternity delivery beds, 2 Microscopes to equip laboratories in some 3 health centres and above all hydro alcoholic solution.

General Manager, SABC Group

The donation happened at a time when a campaign to protect children in schools from Covid19 is of utmost concern, reason why the move in facilitating medical suppliers to cater for kids schools is a preoccupation according to the General manager. Not leaving out the campaign to raise awareness on environmental collection through the protection and recycling of plastic bottles.

Symbolic hand over of Equipment to representatives of Community

It should be recalled that SABC was at the forefront of a Sensitization campaign last year; installing wash hand buckets in the City of Bamenda under the supervision of the Bamenda City Mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul, to reinforce the fight against Covid-19.

 The team continue to call on people in the market places, places of high risk to strictly keep barrier measures. Given the rise on the toll number of deaths on Covid19, SABC decides to install in the days ahead, new wash hand stations at traditional chiedoms, in order to protect those who live there and those who go there to seek the services of the fun.

 As a citizenship Company, it is our right to be closer to the mass during this complicated period. In times of ensuring that many keep safe admist the sanitary crisis, we keep core values, as we share those of performance, intergrity, responsibility, loyalty, professionalism which are core values of the group" Manager SABC Group.

The Company exist since the year 1948, with over 6000 employees and over 50% of shares belonging to the population. It also plans on celebrating over 1500 successful pupils and students within the city of Bamenda; drawn from. Basic and Secondary schools.


By Ndefru Mélanie



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