Social Partners Discuss Road Safety, Prevention In Ngaoundere

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, the road works in Ngaoundéré brought together the police, the gendarmerie, the ministry of local development and decentralization, the ministry of education, all transport unions (passengers, drivers, head of travel agency,) the presidents of road safety clubs in schools, Cdts, the Ministry of Justice, non-governmental organizations and the media.
This chain of actors to were brought together to understand their place in the social partnership established by the Ministry in Charge of transport.

The activities of the social partners are in part linked with the awareness which will go in this case from the agent of a partner to the road user. 

All these for road prevention which will involve behavioral change, 'one will lead the other to voluntarily modify his behavior and understand road safety measures, integrated into what he/she thinks about new values ​​or attitudes, which will henceforth seem to assure him a better life".

"Prevention and road safety is a  business for all. "social partnership can only have meaning or usefulness if it is part of a logic of ameliorative change". Ressource person.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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