Examination Classes Recieve Juicy Offer from Bafut Mayor

Over 10 Students in Form 5 and Upper sixth of PSS Mankon and PSS Bafut have been offered juicy scholarships that span for 3years, prior to their success/grades in the upcoming public examinations 2020/2021. 

This announcement from the Member of Parliamenat for the Bafut/Tubah Constituency, Agho Oliver in collaboration with the Mayor, who both raised the anxiety of the students to study hard and also gave them the zeal to compete amongst themselves in the quest of knowledge.

The offer was made after the Mayor of Bafut Ngwakongho Lawrence, accompanied by a host of Regional Councilors led by Awunti Gheunti, had officially recieved the new structure of the Girls' Dormitory, which was burnt to the ground sometime early January.

The scholarship offered to the students was a moral booster to reshape their minds given the hazards that sorround their campus or environment.

The best of Form 5 and Upper sixth students who will excel well at upcoming public exams, will grab the opportunity to go through schooling for 3 years, same span of their mandate; for both the Mayor and the MP. 

The type of promises one will usually have during campaigns when politicians want to be voted, but this time the Mayor of Bafut said "Bafut/Tubah Constituency is making a difference.

"To butress the issue on the scholarship, I wish to thank my hierarchy on the gesture and moves made, responding timely to rescue the students at the break of the fire incident and also providing the means for us to rehabilitate the dormitory." Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongho Lawrence.

Though the structure was already being used by the students before reception, the early respondents to the fire incident were happy to know the students could once again shelter themselves comfortably and follow up on their studies.

The Principal, teachers, students of P.S.S Mankon and P.S.S Bafut assembled to show gratitude to the administration that came to their rescue during the fire incident.

The fire incident caused most students to loose many of their belongings to the fire incident, trumatizing some and causing others to be irregular in the follow up of their activities, because the fire consumed some of their clothing and books.

Apart from the scholarship offered to boost their moral, the Mayor and the MP offered facemasks to the students, asking them to keep barrier measures strictly and stay safe from Covid19. The medium was used to raise awareness on the existence of the virus, cautioning the student to remain orderly and stay safe.

The Mayor reminded them, while emphasizing that "they should collaborate with their teachers to make the campus studies embedded, adding that "education is a fundamental tool any parent could offer a child".

By Ndefru Mélanie



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