Boy's Brigade Goes Operational in Bamenda

Young Persons in Bamenda have been called to be christened and disciplined through the Boy's brigade company, settled and started in the Christian Baptist Church CBC.

This Company as it goes by the name is a mustard seed,started in Cameroon in 1957 registered and recognized by the Administration, with an objective to lead young persons to know and love Jesus.
                  National Cordinator for The Boy's Brigade,Pastor Gwe Brain Ringnyu

"it is a basic unit which doesn't go by a church name but a company name,with reference to the city where it is based and it's age or period of existence"  The National Coordinator said.
The Boy's Brigade will be matriculating itself after fixing and putting in place a firm constitution.

"It is a discipline opening its doors to all Churches of different denominations, to lead all boys and girls to Christ,to know and Love Christ, promoting the habit of Obedience, discipline,self respect and all that trends in Christin ways" He added.

Age grouping, from 4years to 8years is the anchor level, when the child's attention is tittle towards the group, 8years to 11years is the Junior section, 15years to 17years,the Senior section and from 18years and above, this group is seen as leaders. This is according to international standards for the Boy's Brigade, explained the National Coordinator

In Cameroon,according to founders,there is a follow up after the age of 18years to 30years, here , the person is strong and is seen in character and activities as one that walks and works in Christ.

According to the National Cordinator for the Boy's Brigade in Cameroon,The Girl's Brigade was founded in Scotland by a Boy's Brigade officer in 1965.

The National Cordinator for The Boy's Brigade in Cameroon, Pastor Gwe Brain Ringnyu makes known it's calendar of activities in Cameroon:

January 8-10  fasting and Prayer Day in all Churches

January 6th -11th Field by Field Chain Fasting and Prayer all churches 

February 7th -8th National Training on Boy's Brigade,Cameroon Ranking and Award system Bamenda

April 14/21 Resurrection/ Easter Rally for Boy's Brigade in all Associations

August 10th-16th Boy's Brigade Week in all Churches

October 4th Boy's Brigade Founders Day in all Churches

November 20th –21st National Boy's Brigade General Council in CBC Center
 Ndefru Melanie


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