CJTU Northwest gets Press Vest as Identifiaction tools

                               Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, Northwest Region CJTU                            

The UN System in Cameroon has taken a step  too Protect members of the Cameroon Journarlists Trade Union, through its President Mr Bakah Derrick, by providing the Union with Press Vest that will be used by Members while on the Field.

 The Press Vest serve as a strong identification tool for Journalists reporting within a conflict hit Zone and also it benefits the Journalists within the Trade union, who in one way or the other may have been restricted to have access to information that builds their reports.

In  the era of the ongoing armed conflict plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Regions, most reporters have been intimidated for not being in procession of their identification documents, because most media houses have not issued press cards as an instrument for back up whenever the need arise. Reporters will sometimes face humiliation while on coverage or are not received when about to cover an event.

                                 President of CJTU Northwest Region, Mr Bakah Derrick

The President for the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union for the Northwest Region, CJTU , Mr Bakah Derrick, urges all reporters within the Northwest Region to belong to an association or Union to benefit from protection and professional measures when having challenges in the profession. He also appeals with those within the union to do all to fulfill the demands warranting them to be full members of the union, in other to ease the full process of individual files and easy intervention when need arise.

Members assembled themselves to receive their Press Jackets and felt that the President could say a few words that will linger in their minds whenever the team puts the vest on.

“Given the circumstances and the conflict that we find ourselves, there is very strong need for identification of media organs and it is therefore within the CJTU Policy to ensure that our members are identified, particularly in times of crisis.” The President of the Union Noted. 

“It is not a weapon to use for misconduct or to harass people in the name of Journalism, it is a tool  handed to Journalist to do their work and for professional reasons. Don’t be seen in very unprofessional environments with this vest on, we are called to give it the importance for proper usage and for continues respect for the core values of the Profession that we practice. Refrain from the use of hatespeech and declarations that injure women or girls, which are some of the basic rules that CJTU stand by and consider the vest as a special tool for those reporting within the Northwest Region” he added.

In addition to the advice given to members of the Trade Union, he goes ahead to appeal to armed groups and state actors to accept the vest as identification for media organs in the Northwest Region, particularly for members of the Trade Union and encouraged those who are not yet members to regularize their situation, because the union is committed to defend the interest of its members.


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