About 2000 IDPs Recieve Humanitarian Aid in Bamenda

                                                          IDPs receiving Aid, in Bamenda

Internally displaced persons in Bamenda, have received Humanitarian assistance from Government, on Thursday 24th October 2019. The Action plan put in place by the Head of State has benefitted over more than 10,000 people affected by the Ongoing armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions.

This distribution facilitated by the Ministry of Territorial Administration, through it's distribution team, endeavour to work with the Cordination centre in the NotthWest and to ensure that every Familly registered,recieve accordingly without recipients repeatedly getting aid at every distribution eexercise.

The Newly appointed Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, presides over the handing of humanitarian aid to these Displaced persons, few days after his installation in Bamenda. And tells recipients that they should encourage those in the bushes to come out and to understand that, the Major National Dialogue gave room for the Peace process to begin.
                                      SDO for Mezam cautioning IDPs on the need for Peace
The massive turn out was a relief to the Senior Divisional Officer and he told them about the need for Peace to return to the two English speaking regions of Cameroon.

"Tell your brothers in the bush that the time to leave the bushes have come,after the Major National Dialogue, we must understand that it is time for us to reconcile ourselves as one people,one state and again war is not good,it must stop. They should leave the bush without fear,with their guns and be reintegrated in society by returning to their local business". The Senior Divisional officer said.

The Sub-Director of Civil Protection, Mr Tchounte Gilbert, in charge of distribution visited the cordination centre in Bamenda few days before distribution of aid, to ensure that recipients are informed to come and get their items consisting of blankets, rice, savon, spaghetti, tin tomatoes, buckets and a token of ten thousand francs for transportation.

Though the IDPs were happy, some of them expressed regrets for not receiving a mattrass which to them was the most essential. Miss Neba Shella displaced from Bafut,is grateful for the items she receives.

"I am happy to have received some items,because I didn't buy them and for me they are free gifts.Though I had expected to get a matrass,I just believe when the matrass is available we will get them"She said.

According to Anchang Paul, one of the main figures from the Ministry assisting in the distribution exercise, is happy about the warm reception given to them by recipients and he explains that, though it's challenging to go through a list of 10,000 people,the team tries to ensure that people don't recieve repeatedly.

"For the past 2months,we do distribution on a weekly basis to over 400 families,who register with some document and explain their situation.We have a data which indicates the persons we need to serve at every distribution and for the issue of matrass,we provide them to displaced families with priority,especially for those who are about 10 in a household, and again when the matrass are available we share them out".Mr Anchang Paul tells the Press.

The Humanitarian aid distribution has been an ongoing exercise in the NorthWest Region for the past 2months and displaced persons register at the cordination centre Mondays to Friday.

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