Ngaoundére I gets Best Complex for Academians

Giving a benchmark education to children, training young people who are perfectly bilingual and providing a better study environment for learners, is the vision that the Multipurpose Bilingual Reference Complex of Ngaoundére has for itself.

The complex offers a complete education: from kindergarten to uppersixth and is open to general bilingual and technical education. Located in Ngaoundére I subdivision, in Burkina.

The school is a reference and a stone throw from the Burkina high school. At three years of existence, the bilingual college has already established itself with a percentage of 88.88% in technical exams for the 2021 session.

The establishment aims to encourage the education of young people in this part of the country, built on an area of ​​5000m², the college currently has five classrooms and has four levels; the first cycle of the French-speaking session. The complex will bring a new future to education in the city of Ngaoundére.

Created by ministerial decree N°99/19/Minsec/SG/SDSGEPESG/SSGPESG of June 17, 2019 and opened by decree N°275/19 of September 26 of the same year and therefore its founder is M Youssoufa Hamidou Danjouma , PLEG/HE Academic Palms Officer.

"We already offer quality supervision to our learners..." Mrs. Asmaou Maikano, principal of the Collège Polyvalent Bilingue la Référence

The college has existed for almost three (3) years. It is a secular bilingual establishment which offers to learners the best possible education.

"We listen to learners and take their difficulties into account while valuing their know-how in order to form an active, enterprising and fit youth for the job market."

"The teachers are serious, hardworking, punctual and diligent. They are close to the learners and this greatly facilitates the learning process", Principal.

By Katakap

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