NtaCCUL Remains Top Ranking Reliable Microfinance

At the 19th Edition of The Guardian Post Awards in Bafoussam, Ntarikon Cooperative Credit Union - NtaCCUL, has once again been ranked best across the CEMAC Zone as the institution recieved Winner of 2021 Most Reliable Microfinance amongst it's peers.

At NtaCCUL their priority remains registered members, with a moto to improve to the economy and social well being of its members. It is interesting to know that NtaCCUL gives out more than 5% interest rates to it's members, this to many is a spur factor for more members to join the fold.

NtaCCUL admist previous awards, has once again gotten recognition for being the best, reducing interest rates on loans and for increasing interest rates on savings by 6%. This recognition goes to explain why NtaCCUL has over 75000 members and more that are willing to belong.

The efforts of management at NtaCCUL has been recognized by its members during the last AGM 2022, for working in the interest of those at the grassroots and at thesame time being at the top, the best in the CEMAC Zone.

It was created in 1972 and till present times, NtaCCUL remains the best Microfinance institution that alleviates poverty even admist the ongoing crisis.

By Ndefru Melanie


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