A Work Session on Reforms in Accounting Opens in Adamawa, for Accountability Purposes

Works on accounting reforms have opened in Ngaoundére on high instructions from on MINFI, as the paymaster general of the Adamawa region, Mr Ahmadou njomna and the DGTCFM represented by Mr MBAH Pierre , public accountants in the region will amongst other things, rely on the conceptual framework of general accounting, annual financial statements and the requirement for certification of accounts, inventory, valuation and operations of the opening balance sheet, expense accounting .

A training caravan on accounting reforms for the attention of public accountants in Adamawa has taken place, with the second day devoted to work on accounting for intangible and tangible fixed assets, product accounting, cash operations and the single treasury account.

As a reminder, public accounting differs from business accounting because of the specificities of state action. For its implementation, the public accountant will have to appropriate certain concepts which can be highlighted throughout the accounting year.

This will be at the beginning of the financial year, during the financial year and at the end of the financial year, for accountability purposes.

By Katakap in Ngaoundére

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