Bamenda II Council Accepts Challenge to Increase Revenue Despite Security Challenges

Mayor Chenwi Peter, of the Bamenda II Council has told Councilors to put hands on deck and contribute to the council's coffers by sourcing for revenue despite security challenges faced within the Bamenda II Municipality.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh reiterated the point, telling Councilors of Bamenda II, that the council is the heart of town and should do everything to overcome challenges and record successes stories.

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council used the budgetary session of April 16th 2021, to examine weaknesses and failures, sorting those to improve on, reflect and take stick of what needs to be done, and forge ahead.

"The vision we have to enhance development in our municipality is clearing, despite security challenges, if we look at the budget of the municipality there is an increase. I am calling on all to work hard and generate income for the Council" Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Its no longer news that the Insecurity observed or experienced in the Northwest region has hindered the progress of many projects. The issue of road projects within Bamenda II municipality was discussed, as workers were reported to have been kidnapped and harrased.

According to the S.D.O for Mezam who believed the road project in Mankon was hindered by seperatists fighters in that part of the town, he cautioned councilors to sensitize them to allow the road project, intended to tar the road leading to the Mankon Palace to be successful.

Another worry the S.D.O raised was the need for the Bamenda II Council to return to its building at Mbingfibie. He revealed that that was the major preoccupation of the government, after investing billions in the said building through FEICOM.

"Building a fence arround the Council building in Mbingfibie is priority to government. Whether it takes us 10years we will build it because Bamenda II Council is one of the oldest amongst Councils in the Northwest region" S.D.O Mezam.

The Bamenda II Council have partners like MIDENO, GP-DERUPDEP and the Bamenda City Council, Churches, Traditional rulers and other stakeholders, who has help the Mayor and team to execute some of it projects.

Yet the Mayor said there was need for extra funding for some giant projects in the municipality that will generate income. He mentioned; "the major difficulty is to secure land to continue with pending projects" and revealed the Fon of Nsongwa was making efforts to provide land to the Bamenda II Council.

The Bamenda II Sub divisional Administrative accounts stands at 925,347,829 cfa and 661,625,646 in expenditure. According to reports from the finance committee, looking at percentages from the 2020 administrative
accounts, looking at the nature of revenue
over 45% came from the State through PIB and subventions.

Over 37% from additional council tax, local development tax and forestry tax from FEICOM.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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