NWADO Trains Journalists On Citizen Journalism and Balanced Reporting In Conflict Zones

Journalists In Training Session

The Northwest Association of Development Organizations- NWADO organized a training workshop for Journalists to have them sharpen skills on professional reporting in armed conflict situations and advocacy in the protection of Civilian rights in armed conflict zones as stipulated by Geneva's International Humanitarian Law.

Tombir Stanley is Coordinator for NWADO and he believes that Journalists have a major role to play in times of Crisis and though their role is critical, he urges them to focus on the vulnerable in society who suffer more than the warring parties.

He emphasized on this during a  workshop he organized on April 16th 2021, with the support of the United States Embassy to train journalists on the following citizen journalism and balance reporting in conflict zone.

To Stanley, the Geneva convention should be a guiding principle for every reporter  especially those in conflict zones, with focus on the protection of civilians rights. He cited a few vulnerable groups in times of war; people living with disabilities, journalists, humanitarian workers, health workers ,women and children.

"We are very bodered about the war and how it has unravels itself: civilians; women and Children Journalist, humanitarian workers, health workers have suffered alot in terms of the conflict."

"In order to make our voices heard, we thought we should mediatize the Geneva convention; international humanitarian law that clearly stipulates the conduct of war, on how war should unfold or should be executed," which to him is one of the main reason for the activity of the entire project; Citizens Voices Project.

CEO and Facilitator

The facilitator, Charles NJI CEO of CHARMEC engaged Journalists to group work sessions to better explain how best to report professionally in times of Crisis, away from citizen Journalism.

The project is meant to raise the voices of citizens on international humanitarian law and how the warring parties can ensure that civilians are well protected during this conflict. To Stanley, Journalists should be the solution to putting an end to the crisis.


"I am expecting that Journalists should be able to report in a professional manner, in an unbiased manner and in a way that it doesn't radicalise people, to be objective."

In addition to this activity, NWADO will be launching advocating films to mediatize the Geneva convention,do human interest stories, while asking Journalists who play a major role, to put an end to the crisis through fair and balanced reporting.

"This is one of the activities we have,to put ourselves together to use modern communication tools like online, social media handles to raise awareness on this issue of the international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians in armed conflict." CEO NWADO.

Familly Photograph

Journalists shared their thoughts with Civiclens and said the training was timely because, emotions of Journalists are reflected in most of their reports.

"This workshop taught me not to focus on the armed groups or warring parties but on those that suffer the effects, the vulnerable group. It is a day to g task to report in conflict zones and with such training we get key concepts to report professionally and stay safe"

Arnauld is a reproter with GP Media and Camraisenews.

"We are in a crisis situation where Journalists have alot to do when it comes to reporting, especially as citizen Journalism has become common where many are in pocession of an android phone and are able to publish stories the way they feel."

Group work

"Training us on how to report during crisis period is important, because many Journalists are caught in the web of citizen Journalism, caught in emotions. Journalists should ask themselves what is the impact of the report." He said

Journalists just like civilians are being targeted in times of conflict, yet NWADO reveals that the end to the crisis can be realized through their Unbiased reporting, protecting the interest of vulnerable groups.

By Petronila


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