Bali Council Evaluates State of Budget Excecution In times Of Crisis

Mayor of Bali Council

Mayor Wandum Bunga Ernest of Bali Council has expressed challenges in his presentation of statistics in an overall budgetary execution rate of 89.87%, with huge outstanding indebtedness in accrued staff arrears, CNPS dues, bills of Contractors and Inherited Tenders Board sittings worth over 130 million francs cfa.

The weight of the ongoing Anglophone crisis turned and armed conflict in the Northwest region, has left a big scar on the process of revenue collection for most councils, not leaving out Bali Council, where apart from the economic difficulties, the council has lost 2 staff to the the health pandemic; Covid19.

Bali Council

He describe the year 2020 as a tough one during the Administrative and Management Account Session for the said budget year, with revenue at 376,551,140 francs cfa at over 83% realization and expenditure at 376,435,860 francs cfa at 83% execution.

Investment revenue stood at 206,323,522 francs cfa and investment expenditure at 200,224,500 francs cfa, representing 44.26% of the total 2020 budget spent on about 12 different projects.

The Mayor did not fail to encourage Councilors, Council staff and other collaborators to remain steadfast in the course of the dual crisis; the health pandemic and armed conflict. Urging them to respect barrier measures put in place by government, the WHO and to keep safe.


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