Mainstream Gender, Reporting on Covid-19 Pandemic

Gender Data Journalists

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in Cameroon, in March 2020, Journalists have faced difficulties with access to information, concerning data; on the number of women, girls, children or men who either get infected, die or recover from the deadly disease.

Training session

It is within this framework that some Journalists, bloggers have met at a training workshop in Yaounde on August 26 and 27th, to sharpen their skills on the use of gender-specific data during a pandemic, reporting on Covid-19, with focus on gender.

The economic and social sector have been greatly affected with the advent of Covid-19, though families have been able to bond more, the quest for information on data and access to Information for Journalists has been a worry, identify vulnerable groups, exposed to Covid-19.

A projection on suject matter

Other studies and reports have proven that over 75% of women have become victims of violence, and in the presence of a representative from MINPROFF (Ministry of Women Empowerment and the Family), Grace Mbakong, was charged to find ways, to protect women from domestic violence.

"Back in the year 2005/2012, MINPROFF had a number for women to call and tell their stories", an observation made by participant

"It is important for Journalists to understand the techniques that needs to be used while reporting on Covid-19, while mainstreaming gender. we have various topics we will be working on and participants are expected to use the skills acquired in the training to do  reports, with the impact of the pandemic in different spheres of life" Emmanuel Batake.

The training achieved it's purpose to train Journalists and bloggers, produce reports on how Covid-19, mainstream Gender using tools, on how the pandemic impacts lives and for decision makers to make informed decisions.

By Ndefru Melanie
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