SafetyNet Project Reaches Bamenda II Sub Division, To alleviate Poverty

Image of the population that came out on a ghost town to get foodstuffs at cheap rates 

As a way of alleviating poverty in a community that have suffered great loss in economic and social life, due to a crisis, the SafetyNet project is welcomed in Bamenda 2 sub division, with the aim of improving on living standards.

The project started in 2012, as a pilot zone in Ndop, Balikumbat, Belo, Fundong, Also, Oku and is now reaching the doorsteps of Bamenda I, II and III, to help the poor and the project is focusing on communities.

Regional Coordinator talks about the Project.

The SafetyNet comes at a time when security challenges is a call for concern, as it targets empowering the people, and according to the Coordinator of the Project in the Northwest, Kanjo Elvis , targeted population can be reached successfully through honesty.

Funded by the World Bank, the project is out to meet the basic needs of the suffering mass and the Coordinator was grateful to the D.O for Bamenda II, Nicholas Wanchang and The Mayor, Chenwi Peter to have accepted that the people living within his jurisdiction, can benefit.

Cross section of those recieving the project and aid in implementation

The project has 4 components; Cash transfer ( place persons with very poor conditions on an allowance, providing them with the means to start an income generating activity), Use the Manual labour method (involving people in the community to engage in Community development projects), assist in rehabilating petsons who have suffered from shock due to the crisis and help to accompany communities in the fight against Covid-19.

Those representing different Communities in Bamenda II

Some persons will be choosen from the different Communities that make up Bamenda II subdivision, to assist and coordinate the selection of beneficiaries of this project, and are expected to be objective and fair in the exercise.

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