ACJ Embarks On Project, Reviving Cultural Values in NWR

         Group Picture of Cultural                Journalists, Northwest Region

The Association for Cultural Journalists (ACJ), have began working on a maiden project, building the association by training it's members on telling stories surrounding the Cultures in the Northwest Region.

It is within this framework that
the North west farmers organizations (NOWEFOR) in collaboration with MBOSCUDA, Mbororor Socio-Cultural Development Association, organized a 2days workshop, to train members on cultural diversity and rights.

The project, sponsored by the European union through united purpose based in the United Kingdom, has as main objective to strengthen the capacity of media houses on cultural journalism.

This program is coming from a background project that was done, known as -In Search of Common Grounds, and the project is expected to; promote social cohesion and human rights, information designation and responsiveness of the culture.

The consultant Shey Kanjo, made some clarifications on terms and basic concepts of culture and he defined culture as "Believe, Norms, Ideas, Values and knowledge of a society, while he mentioned some cultural rights, national and international instruments of cultural diversity.

Nji Blasius enlightened participants on cultural journalism and did some demonstrations to potray how people do behave when culture is concerned.

President of ACJ, Abongwa Fozo

During this meeting the president of ACJ, Abongwa Fozo reporter and Manager of City FM radio, in Bamenda, Northwest Region, represented some executive members and some critics were made following the interview with some cultural stars.

"I think cultural journalists face alot of difficulties because it is a concept that many of us like, though we do not really master the subject or what is required from us in our reports ,we only look at culture like; the traditional dance and the dresses we put on, but i think culture cut across so many things like our way of expression and our way of life." President of ACJ.

"Talking about expression, cultural rights are some of the things that journalists are doing their best to be versed with, while practicing to report and your culture, one must also have the right to respect others and to tolerate their cultural values as well". He added

Abongwa Fozo did not forget to mention that the Anglophone Crisis has also been a huge factor of challenge for journalists to go down to the field where they can get primary source of information for cultural programmes.

He further expressed his gratitude and thinks he has benefited from the workshop as "most of the members of this association have learned alot, there are certain concepts about culture which many of us did not know particularly things like; cultural heritage, cultural dialogue, cultural diversity and expression. I think all of us have been able to see how we can promote this concept in our various programs, reports and write ups."

Program Coordinator MBOSCUDA,Sali Django

Program coordinator SALI DJANGO, mentioned said "the aim is actually to improve on their capacities to be reporting on cultural diversity and also to have a mastery of instruments that are governing culture", Program Coordinator for MBOSCUDA, Sali Django.

"By this training, we are actually promoting culture because this is the second training of its kind - it is important that, just like after the 1st training, cultural radio programs should be organized, to promote intercultural dialogue and create some awareness in the community eventhough they face some challenges." He added.

The coming of this cultural association, is in line with one of the components that should encourage most Fons of the Northwest Region, who have escaped to safety, due to the ongoing crisis, to return.

Through collective efforts and diversity, many people will go back to their roots and identify themselves, and work for the return of Peace and harmony in their different Communities

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