Newly Installed UNVDA Board Chair, Urged to Increase Rice Production

. Dr Ngwana Sama Bernard

The new board chair for the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority, UNVDA, Dr Ngwana Sama Bernard, has been urged by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mbarobe Robert Gabrielle, to increase rice production as he takes up office for the Northwest and West Regions.

His installation comes at a time when management is faced with challenges, as a result of the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions, coupled with the current health crisis, the Covid 19 pandemic.

Minister chairs UNVDA Board Meeting

The installation of UNVDA's Board Chair is done in Bamenda on August 19th, during the maiden visit of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural development, who chaired the UNVDA Board meeting, in the presence of key stakeholders in the agricultural sector of the Northwest region.

The City Mayor, represented by his deputy, Ndoh Awah, reminded the Minister that the Northwest region is embedded with poverty and unemployment, but agriculture being the main activity for the economy to sustain livelihood, has suffered and is lacking behind due to the ongoing crisis.

"The displacement of the farming population, limitted farmland, difficulties in accessing farmland, are part of the difficulties faced in the agricultural sector, of the Northwest region" Deputy Mayor, Ndoh Awah.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Minister assured the City Mayor, to look into the plight faced by the agric sector and especially the challenges of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority, UNVDA. He encouraged stakeholders to continue working in synergy to ensure development and satisfy the demands of the growing population.

He adds that the Head of State has entrusted the leadership of the UNVDA to Dr Ngwana Sama Bernard, aged 66, because "he is a seasoned and experienced official", though his appointment comes in at a time the region is going through a crisis in double phase.

"Your appointment comes at a special times when the UNVDA, the main secular arm of the state in the development is the rice sector in the Northwest and West region is going through a difficult period, marked by an increasingly fragile socio political and economic situation" MINADER, Mbarobe Robert Gabrielle.

Minister and Newly Installed UNVDA Director

Born on 16th Nov 1954, hails from Balikumbat in Ngoketunjia Division Northwest region, has good mastery of the fields he worked in and also served as an administrator in different numerous institutions.

The Minister gives the new director of UNVDA, principles that will guide his daily actions, to " increase rice production, seek quick solutions and implement actions to enhance food security in the region, revitalise rice cooperatives, promote farmers access to agricultural machinery, optimize use of existing rice fields while opening up new ones, create and consistently increase the cooperations own resources, and forward a strategic development plan for UNVDA to his office" Minister of Agriculture.

As part of the Minister's working visit to the Northwest region, he had a working session at GP-DERUDEP, where he was recieved by the project coordinator Muluh Gregory and at Northwest Cooperative Associate, NWCA in mile 3, where he was recieved and presented with the challenges faced by the association and it's various sectors.

"We have to create many jobs, increase what is on the field and increase food security, by producing more rice, with rice we can have food security. UNVDA covers Northwest and West Region and with alot of land in these 2 regions, fertile land and these days we will invite rice farmers in society to intensify their production and extend rice production, by cultivating upland rice." The New Board Chair of UNVDA.

" We have to transform the rice products, our challenge is also to put the rice in the world market, I think UNVDA is on the right path and we are calling on the population to join efforts with us to increase rice production" Dr Ngwana Sama Bernard added.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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