CPDM Launches Regional Election Campaigns In Bamenda

CPDM Bigwigs Launch Campaigns

Regional Election Campaigns takes off in the North West Region as CPDM Big Wigs launch Campaigns, expected to span for atleast 15days before voting day slated for December 6th.

Dance Groups Colour the Launch Ceremony

The Launch took place in Bamenda on November 22nd as special status gave Northwest and Southwest regions an organistional and operational regime based on historical, social and cultural values.

Based on Regional Elections, both regions may amongst other privileges participate in the formulation of national public policies that has to do with Anglophone educational sub system.

December 6th 2020 Election of Regional Councillors is expected to usher in a new configuration of Cameroon’s political landscape.

In the troubled North West and South West regions new political elite are expected to emerge and implement the Special Status given to the two regions.

Prominent Names In The Race
Candidatures files have not yet been submitted at ELECAM branches, however political parties have begun investing candidates who are interested to run.

Prominent names in the North West region are yet to clearly state their intent to run on the media. However on a national scale, academicians, economic operators and traditional leaders have declared their intention to run for the election that will hold in less than four months.

To Yang Philemon, it is time to seize the opportunity of Regional Elections and correct mistakes made over the years.

"It is time to take back our region and develop it. The region has been mismanaged for over 30 years that is from 1990-2020" Yang Philemon at the launch of Regional campaigns in the North West.

The Race is on and history is about repeating itself, many are waiting to see candidates like Fon Angwafor III lay the foundation stone In the House of Chiefs, having the experience and as one who lived in the era back then in the House of Chiefs.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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