North West Ma FO'Os Embark on Armed Free Crusade

Queen Mothers carry Placards denouncing Killings

Camtel's GM Mourns with Ma FO'Os of the NWR

Queen mothers and other Elite women in the North West Region led by Camtel's General Manager Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, have Condoled with beareaved Famillies in Kumba, through a rally organized in Bamenda, praying for lost souls.

"We the Queen Mothers of the Northwest region deplore and Condemn in Strongest terms the constant killing of our children, since the escalation of the crisis in our beloved Anglophone region" Ma FO'O of Akum.

The Ma FO'Os of the North West Region joined other Women across the nation through prayers said in different local languages denouncing the killing of Women and Children in the course of the Anglophone crisis, while condemning the Kumba Massacre of October 24th.

Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, Camtel GM addressing the women

"We as women, mothers should do our very best, play our role by talking to our children and we should continue pleading with those in the bushes to drop their weapons. We have come out to mourn as a familly, God being in our midst our prayers will be answered". Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi

Worship moments

In their whailing, they remembered lost souls like Comfort Tumasang, Florence Ayafor who were slained in course of the crisis turned an armed conflict, Expressed grief and pleaded with the boys in the bushes still carrying guns, to drop their arms and stop violence.

"As Quen Mothers we uphold the sanctity of life and protect human lives in and out of our communities". Ma FO'O of Akum

The Queen Mothers March on the streets of Bamenda

The denounciation rally took place in Bamenda on November 24th at the grandstand, as the women rallied themselves in their numbers and prayed for deliverance from Pain/Violence and from the Covid-19 pandemic.

'We yearn for peace, drop the Guns and end the violence, we are mothers and are bound to protect the life's of our offspring". Ma FO'O of Akum.

The Grand Imam of the Central Mosque in Bamenda, Musa Chuaibuh was delighted at the turn out of women for the prayer exercise and asked that such steps be taken more often.

Reverend Caroline Memoh led the rally in gospel sharing with verses from the Psalms." Let the smokes scatter in the wind, Sing to God, rain Praises to him". The words mourners at the rally ground pondered on,"hoping that there will be a time to laugh when all is over."

One of the Women, an Indegene from Ndu, Honorable Naomi says the initiative of gathering and praying for the lost souls of women and children is worth it.

"When u see women being killed and mothers butchered we shed tears because we feel the pains. We as mothers feel the pains when we are pregnant for these children" Honorable Naomi.

"Seeing the children being murdered in classrooms, we think  the country is gradually getting into chaos so we are calling on those in the bushes to drop their guns." 

 Momo East MP thinks it is important for women Leaders, elected Officials "to manifest their rights at all time and at all places". 

She, together with other women supported the move of Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, General Manager of Camtel to mourn and pray for Women and Children who have died during the crisis.

"It is the fundamental right for children to go to school, we are now embarking on an armed free crusade for Peace to reign in this country, Mother's should do well to preach Peace to their Children for this to Happen". Momo East MP, Jon Foo Ngang Prudencia Injoh.

Scenario at DDR Centre Northwest

Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, visited the DDR centre in the North West Region offering food and other basic needs, giving the Exfighters moral support, adving them to keep being patriotic.

By Ndefru Melanie 


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