Bamenda II Council Recommend New Finance Controller

The Mayor of  Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has observed with dismay the slow treatment of files at the level of the finance controller at the Bamenda City council and has requested through administration for a new finance Controller attached to the Bamenda City Council.

He made this request during a budgetary session on November 25th at the D.O's office in Bamenda, stating that the said Finance Controller at the Bamenda City Council delayed with files and hindered execution of projects.

"Bamenda II council is a city and we are requesting a finance controller through administration.
Difficulty and complaints have come from all 31 councilors, we strongly recommend a finance controller attached to the Bamenda II council". Mayor Bamenda II

According to the Finance Committee of the Bamenda II Council, Total revenue stands at 1.6 billion with Expenditure equal to Revenue. Recurrent Revenue is 60% being 960milliom francs, Investment revenue stands at 40% being 640milliim francs. 

It corresponds to the Expenditure, with recurrent Expenditure at 60% amounting to 555mllion, Investment expenditure at 40% amounting to 610million.

"When we took over the stewardship of this council, We met a budget that had been voted for and we undertook to do a number of things but more than 90% of the things had been done". Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Amongst the strengths of the Bamenda II Council, the provision of water at Ntankah locality; constructing a bore hole closer to the health centre and road maintaince on some stretches of road within urban centres, were signs that the population is cooperating in council activities.

The question of Bamenda II Council returning to its original site, Mbingfibieh was answered as the Mayor explained, "Civil status construction: council structure in mbingfibieh approved and beibg improved upon for enough work space" Mayor Chenwi Peter Explained.

The Mayor did not fail to mention how uncomfortable he was with the degree of laxity on the part of some council workers, a situation which was fixed through a staff meeting.

By Ndefru Melanie

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