NW Exfighters Promise to Aid In Ending Ghost Towns

National Coordinator and Exfighters at DDR centre NWR

Exfighters at the DDR centre in the North West Region, have promised their National Coordinator Fai Yengo Francis to be more collaborative with Forces of Law an Order on putting an end to Ghost towns in The Northwest Region.

The SP speaks on behalf of Exfighters

They made this call during the National Coordinator's Visit to the DDR Centre in the North West Region on November 26th, where the request of the Exfighters were said to have been granted by the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

Speaking on behalf of the Exfighters at the DDR centre in Bamenda, Echu Emmanuel the SP appreciated the National Coordinator's efforts Fai Yengo Francis for his impact on the role played to ensure that they are well taken care of.

" We are happy about your coming to the centre Sir and we are happy that alot of what we didn't expect is about happening; The Driving lessons, basic education amongst many others. We have decided to help Goveenment solve the problem in the region by collaborating with the military for stability." Echu Emmanuel.

"As for the Ghost towns, we excombattants of the DDR Northwest region, will do our best to see how the ghost towns will come to an end" he added

Exfighters display a dance

View of Pigery n Poultry sites at DDR Centre NW

In line with activities that Exfighters are engaged in; Pigery, Poultry, Tailoring, according to the National Coordinator projects will be built arround these activities projected. " Training and having over 500 enterprenuers will employ over thousands of youths".

National Coordinator addresses Exfighters

"The State has promised to give you a package to settle so that you can estabilish your own buisness. The centre for your information has caused over 1billion francs." National Coordinator, Fai Yengo Francis.

According to him, the Head of State President Paul Biya aided in the funding for more space at the DDR Centres, as requested by the Exfighters through their regional coordinator, Gabsa Sixtus.

The National Coordinator unveiled the worth of the Information Centre meant for the DDR Centre in the Northwest region, the equipment and items envisaged worth over a billion francs. 

Away from the package, the team brought food stuff enough to positively colour the Christmas celebrations for the Exfighters and beyond.

The Exfighters were very convinced about the plans put in place by the Head of State, to be equiped and get ready for reintegration into society.

"DDR is a place to be, for those willing to change. Those still carrying guns in the bushes should ask themselves where are their sponsors" An Exfighter exclaimed.

Other challenges faced at the DDR Centre is the need for moral education for the Exfighters who are both male and female, still very sexualy active. There is need for sex education to avoid the birth of STDs and unwanted pregnancies at the centre.

The Regional Coordinator also talked about the need for basic education for the Exfighters, especially the nursery section for the kids that are being born to grow up with a strong basic foundation in the academic ladder.

Amongst other challenges, he cited the need for a fence round the centre, Education, recruitment of some staff and the need for professional training, so that Exfighters could be reintegrated  after being well equiped.

By Ndefru Melanie


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