Minister Mbah Acha Supports Rally Through CWF PC Nta'Ghem

Women of PC Nta'Ghem in Bamenda have recieved support from Minister Mbah Acha towards their Upcoming rally in Bamenda.

This gesture was done by the Minister of Supreme State Audit herself, Minister Mbah Acha Rose on Sunday 22nd November, at PC Nta'Ghem, in Bamenda.

Her coming for church service that day to worship was not expected by most Christains of PC Nta'Ghem, as she made her way amongst Christains, she was applauded for her prescence and thanked her for her support towards their upcoming rally.

The Women showed gratitude to the Minister for her timely intervention, given the numerous projects and engagements they are involved in, prayed together for the Minister's with their hands stretched foward.

The Christains jubilated at the envelopes handed to them by the Minister and hoped that many of such gestures will come by, especially during the Christmas season known for blessings.

By Ndefru Melanie

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