Jean Nkuete Warns Maiden Regional Councilors Against Unnecessary Expenses

SG for Central Committee CPDM, Jean Nkuete

The Secetary of the Central Committee for the Cameroon People's Democratic Party, CPDM Jean Nkuete warns maiden Regional Councilors about unnecessary expenses, urging them to listen and follow directives.

SG salutes Maiden Regional Councilors

He was speaking during his visit in Bamenda during Regional Campaign Elections on December 2nd 2020, encouraging the aspirants to reinforce capacities to resist attacks from terrorist and work in close collaboration with administration and security forces.

"Nothing Matters but Peace", putting aside the stakes faced by these maiden Regional Councilors despite their sacrifices made to the national party CPDM. Jean Nkuete reminded them insecurity is one of the stakes that characterises the upcoming Regional Elections.

" I wish to remind candidates of the specific stakes that make up the fabric of the December 6th Elections, they should note that implementing the Regional Elections is a mediocre for the return of Peace at this turning point of the country." Jean Nkuete, Secetary General of Central Committee, CPDM.

"The Decemeber 6th Election is a prerequisite to finalise the architecture to the problem of Cameroonians to participate in common affairs. The House of Chiefs and provision of special status power shall be effectively returned to the people" he explained.

Though described as an Election without a competition, the CPDM party believes that victory will be theirs come the Regional Elections of December 6th 2020.

A cross Section of CPDM Big Wigs In Bamenda

History is about repeating itself again and traditional authourities are said to have a crucial role to conduct, the decentralization process amongst other pertinent issues. The quality of men and women who will be called to defend the national colours in the coming elections, is of great concern to region that yearns for the return of Peace.

The SG of the Central Committee reiterates the importance of discipline, asking the maiden Regional Councils not to be victims of historical errors, " remain patient and follow the phases of the Regional Elections".

It is important to note that a cross section of persons in the North West Region don't understand the meaning of Regional Elections and the role/benefits of the population in the process, though without competition, the position of the media should be considered in the importance in the disseminating of information.

Display from Dance groups

This is change and the Local man cries out for Peace.

By Ndefru Melanie

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