Health, Custom Key Actors Strengthen Capacity to Combat Illicit Drugs Trafficking

Handling the importation, sales of substandard and counterfeit medicines in Africa, has been key on agenda during a three day workshop holding in Yaounde.

A workshop organised by the Intellectual property Rights and Innovation in Africa -AfrIPI, in collaboration with the European union, the workshop brought together some senior officials from the Ministry of Health, Police and Customs, Academics and intellectual property experts from over 20 African countries.

Information from the work session, revealed that in recent time, Africa's economy has been booming with substandard and counterfeit medicines, which has caused a huge problem especially in the health sector.

According to Gregor Schneider, Deputy Project Manager of AfriPI Yaounde, "the workshop seeks to to exploit multilateral action, Bringing together key players from different administrations involved in the fight against counterfeit medicines".

"Sharing ideas and solutions accross borders, will increase each others commitment towards reducing the problem of substandard drugs and their harmful consequences". Deputu Project Manager, Gregor Schneider.

It is worth mentioning that, 2017 statistics showed that highest proportion of substandard and falsified medicines was found in Cameroon at a percentage of 7.1%, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo 2.7% and Nigeria 1.1%.

Also, it was revealed that Anti-malaria medicines were most frequently found to be substandard or falsified. These and more has brought Intellectual property Experts in Africa to strengthen their efforts to Combat these illicit buisness and safe lifes.

By Amamboh Carrey pride


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