HOFNA/Ngala Gerald Collabo to Licence Youths on Leadership Skills

About 25 teenage boys and girls took part in the 2021 edition Leadership Bootcamp organised annually by Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA) Cameroon, with support from the social entrepreneur and philanthropist Hon. Ngala Gerald, training teenagers on several key issues intended to nurture a new generation.

The main objective for the training given to these young lads, is to realize an effective and confident servant leaders. While they focused of virtuous principles to build a better future, the leadership bootcampers were also treated with back to school support material.

"This year's edition of our Leadership Bootcamp at HOFNA is special: bringing together 25 teenage boys and girls to address issues around servant leadership, gender-based violence especially school related, personal and menstrual hygiene, setting and achieving goals and building healthy friendships, the responsible use of social media among others. Christelle Bay Nfor HOFNA Executive Director said

Vumomsi N, a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow and Social entrepreneur leading the VUVU brand indicated to the campers that "to be a servant leader, there is need to build values such as selflessness, listening, working together, not looking down on others, encouraging, be the first to Serve". 

Taking on the training session, one will easily conclude that these teenagers have agreed to be servant leaders wherever they find themselves be it home, school or community.


Christelle Bay Nfor Speaking to the Press after one of her training workshops. HOFNA has always trained girls since 2016, but this time the CEO decided to include boys.

"For the past years, it’s always been a Girls Leadership Bootcamp but our new model is about bringing boys and girls together as a way to promote respect for the human person, bridge gender gaps and support boys and girls in not only setting, achieving goals but on the essentials of servant leadership/ building healthy friendships. These are things not normally taught in a school setting" HOFNA.

Officials of the Ministry of Social affairs and Arts and Culture

Representatives of the regional delegates of Social Affairs, Arts and Culture expressed gratitude to HOFNA for such an outstanding initiative which is essential in the upbringing of the youth in communities.

Considering that vices are almost over-shadowing virtue. According to them, if the means permitted, this initiative could reach out to as many youths as possible especially as our part of the country suffer from a violent conflict, let the young people understand why the society need servant leaders and not otherwise.

Dr. Wirngo, HOFNA's BOD member engaged the children on Building Healthy friendships, while HOFNA programs manager Munteh Florence drilled the bootcampers on Human Rights in general and School Related GBV.

Not only these, but other expert presentations intended to build better leaders either health wise or responsible use of social media, took part in the training session.

Talking to HOFNA, Ngala Gerald mentioned the need for such programs that do not only inspire teenage but nurtures hope and support them through the challenges brought about by some aspects of modernism as Social Media. 

He reiterated the need to support teenagers in building healthy friendships, leading through service and setting and achieving goals.

Thanks to the support offered by the entrepreneur Hon. Ngala Gerald, the program offered an opportunity for the children to build skills in areas not normally offered in school meillieus.

Young Leaders at CRTV Bda with Colday Ndofeke Olivier

Paying a visit to the CRTV where they had the opportunity, for the first time, to share knowledge and experience with their peers over the radio.

Coming on the eve of school resumption, HOFNA and Ngala Gerald donated school material to facilitate the return to school.

By Ndefru Melanie


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