Back to School: Resumption Jeopardized in Bali

Pupils and Students in Bali Subdivision, Mezam Division- Northwest region of Cameroon, might not enjoy same atmosphere with their counterparts across the National Territory, who resumed school for the academic year 2021/2022 hitch free and in a serene atmosphere.

Speaking with the Mayor of Bali, Wandum B. Ernest, who revealed to this reporter that a series of events in Bali have been reasons why there is a difficulty in school resuming in that part of the region.

He sighted the burning of the Japanese school, killing of 5 police men in Bali, the killing of a Woman in Church and the wounding of the pastor, adding that the issue of no movement between and Bamenda- Bali makes the situation more difficult.

"The problem started with the burning of the classrooms at the Japanese complex in Bali, with its main structure being a primary section, that covers three groups."

"The situation was made worst, psychologically it affected many and instilled fear, the killing of 5 police men in Bali, which was the climax. People got frightened, coupled with funny audios dropped on social media that scared many and continued to instill fear." Mayor of Bali, Wandum B. Ernest.

Reacting to an audio that went viral after the burning of the Japanese Complex, the Mayor explained to Civiclens info that seperatists made claims that they were not burning the school but a military base.

This happening created fear and gradually made people to start drifting out of Bali. These and more, the Mayor explained are part of the reasons why school resumption is being jeopardized in Bali.

Mentioning the killing of a lady and the wounding of the pastor, that also added up to the fear in people. Many people continue to stay indoors and others move out of Bali.

"The situation is now very complicated as people don't feel secured, not knowing where to find comfort with either of the armed groups. Another main thing that is hampering every effort for school to resume in Bali, is the fact that vehicles are not moving." Mayor of Bali.

The Mayor is not loosing hopes as he continues to push on with meetings with stakeholders from the Educational sector, hoping that with bravery, committement, strategy and sacrifice, all will return to normal within his municipality.

"We have hopes that when we continue to hold meetings with stakeholders of the Educational sector, to fix the issue of Back to school in Bali, All will be fine. Elites of Bali will be meeting, to liase efforts and make things work and there are other plans to speak with drivers after speaking with stakeholders of the Educational sector." Wandum B. Ernest, Mayor of Bali.

This words bring hope to the Bali woman or man who never had the means to escape home in moments of danger, like others did. Despite these series of events, there is hope that the Children of Bali will brave the efforts and return to school, with the collaboration of their teachers and Parents.

The SDO for Mezam placed a barn on the circulation of bikes in some areas within the town of Bali, according to his communique, to put an end to seperatists activities in that part of the Region. This was same measure he took sometime ago within the city of Bamenda after the killing of a police around the small mankon neighborhood in September 2020.

By Ndefru Melanie


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