Belo Council Accompanies Pupils/Students with Back to School Preps

Mayor Ngong Innocent of Belo Council, through a conception born from Council Initiative, has provided amogst other materials, books, symbolic in Promoting Education within his jurisdiction and beyond.

This was after he had done follow up to know the situation with back to school preparations on the part of displaced pupils/Students from his municipality, and has supported them with school didatics.

Carried out on September 4th in Bamenda, is an initiative of the council to fast track and reconnect with memories of the post crisis era. 

The Mayor admits knowing the hardship and challenges faced by these persons on several fronts, yet he asked them not to relent efforts to keep out of danger in the face of the ongoing crisis.

"You are IDPs in Bamenda, nothing is free...common foodstuff you could get back home are not easy to come by. I want to let you know that the council will support you in every possible way . Come close to the council, though we are in this crisis together, we will stand together" he said.

Books produced from the council's conception and vision, with its cover page that depicts a gong; a traditional sign of a messenger calling on all to give education a chance in Belo, being key to development and success.

Enshrined from the Mayor's vision; "Making Belo again" is inline with his social rehabilitation and assistance to vulnerable people, while rekindling hope in them.

"We initially planned to reach out to a minority but with the huge turnout, given their demands, we gave didatic materials to over 2000 pupils and students; books, pens, pencils, rulers and mathematical sets"

A pupil shared her story briefly with press, after her arrival in Bamenda in 2019, stating clearly that studies are crowned with thorns, yet she arrives for the best.

"I came to Bamenda in 2019, studies have not been easy as I do my best to succeed. I study on Saturdays, to increase efforts in achieving best results".

Another student shared a story of having stayed at home for a year given difficulties faced as a displaced person and couldnt meet up with a few basics. She moved back and forth and concluded that "Bamenda is a town of uncertainties".

The Mayor of Belo Council will be carrying out similar exercise back home, in his municipality side by side her rehabilitation and reconstruction vision.

By Ndefru Melanie

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