Back-to-School; PLWDs Recieve Support from Nkah Engineering

Persons Living with Disability, have received gifts from Nkah Engineering to boost their moral towards preparations for the upcoming school year 2021/2022.

"This initiative has to do with promoting Education amongst persons living with disability, Creating an enabling environment for persons living with Disability and at thesame time carrying on with our cooperate social responsibility."

Tamukong Roland said this while thanking Nkah Engineering the donor, based in Yaounde and winner of the 2021 Press award ceremony in Bamenda.

The package from Nkah Engineering worth about 650,000 frs cfa, was set aside to smoothen back to school arrangements, for these persons.

The Publisher of World Echoes Newspaper, Tamukong Roland facilitating the distribution of these items, revealed that majority of the benefitiaries enlisted to recieve the gifts from Nkah Engineering will be able to brace up and face Back to School preparations, despite challenges faced in a crisis hit Region.

"What we are doing is based on a sample survey done by the coordinating unit for Persons Living with Disability; those who excelled best in their respective levels of education. Benefitiaries are those ranking as such." Roland added.

These benefitiaries known to have been earmarked and had recieved the World Echoes Media Press Awards, have once again been encouraged with didatic materials to study hard, despite their difficulty in morbidity.

The Mayor of Bafut, Ngwakongho Lawrence was appreciated for making as priority, giving assistance to persons with special needs, mapping out their needs in the council budget.

"When I was doing some charity works, I didn't know someone was watching untill a day like this. This award is giving me more impetus to do more, I will use my capacity as the Mayor to do more to for persons living with disability" Mayor of Bafut.

As revealed by Tamukong Roland, these laureates have been registered on the pay roll with the world Bank safety net project. With take home package being 120000frs Cfa each.

By Ndefru Melanie


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