Tiko Transporters Rally For a Peaceful Community Behind Hon Etoke

Amidst growing uncertainty on sustaining community peace, the United Action for the Underprivileged Foundation, UAUF and its Vision Bearer, Honourable Fritz Ngeka Etoke, who also doubles as Global Goodwill Humanitarian Ambassador, has mobilized transporters in the Tiko Municipality to work towards building sustainable peace in the municipality and beyond.

In a marathon event, comprising a training workshop on community peace building and donation of equipment that took place in Tiko on Tuesday 18 May, 2021, UAUF, its partners and community stakeholders renewed commitments to chart a common pathway towards ensuring that peace is maintained and sustained in the target community.

Addressing over 25 leaders in the local Intra- Urban transport sector, comprising bike riders, taxi drivers and intra-urban transport workers during a peace building conclave at the Tiko Golf Club, Honourable Etoke said the transport sector is key in peace building.

He told the participants that they move people in and out of the municipality irrespective of their reasons for such movements. As such, they have a key role to play in maintaining peace in Tiko Sub Division.

It is for this reason that he called on the transporters to join hands with other stakeholders to ensure the community remains peaceful.
Honourable Etoke says the role of Intra- Urban transporters in building peace cannot be neglected, adding that the modernization of the sector will play a positive part in efficiency and ensuring lasting peace.

Speakers at the workshop included Commonwealth Youth Ambassador and multiple award- winning Peace Advocate, Samuel Buchum Bache and PhD Peace Scholar Imma Nkong.

The training also witnessed a presentation from the Sub Divisional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Tiko.

In the second lap of activities of the day, Honourable Etoke and team equally donated computers, tables and chairs to the Tiko Bike riders Union, Mutengene Bike Riders Union, Tiko Taxi Drivers Union, Mutengene Buea Farm to Market Transporters, the Sub Divisional Delegation for Women Empowerment and the Family for Tiko, the Sub Divisional Delegations of Youth Affairs and Civic Education for Tiko and Limbe II Subdivisions.

The Drivers Union Offices in Tiko , Likomba and Mutengene were also completely renovated and handed over as part of the project.

The National President of the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, Solomon Agborem, the project implementation Partner noted that "his association has a duty to promote actions that will bring peace in the nation and fight against hate."

According to him, the gesture of Honourable Etoke is a welcomed initiative and needed the push from all stakeholders in the peace process.

Reactions from across the board indicate that the grassroots initiative of the hard core humanitarian actor, Hon Etoke is worth emulating.

“We have spent time criticizing you unfortunately you are among the best we have ever had as MP. Anyway, Parliament or no parliament, Etoke is doing good", a Fako Elite opined.”

The President of the Tiko Bike Riders Union said in the history of their existence, "we have not had such a favourable gesture from any local politician."

Corroborating him, Pa Egbe of the Taxi Drivers Union regretted that quite often people come to them only when their services are needed. He said Honoruable Etoke’s gesture has departed from this unfortunate narrative of the past and has given them renewed hope for the future.

It is on this premise that he remarked that "one good turn deserves another, and we they shall be available to replicate Honourable Etoke’s good will gesture."

He further intimated that all the unions that have been mobilized and trained will go down to the communities and ensure that the knowledge they have acquired is used for the betterment of the community.

By Ndefru Melanie

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