Adamawa Elite Mobilize for Peace and Social Cohesion

The contribution of traditional chiefs widely appreciated and rightly hailed in Adamaoua where calls for the union of populations around the ideals of peace, national unity, social cohesion, peaceful cohabitation and solidarity are increasing.


In Ngaoubela-Tibati, Djerem region of Adamawa, His Majesty Moussa Youssoufa intensifies awareness in the preservation of the values ​​of peace amongst his subjects. According to the traditional chief,

"we must at all costs preserve peace to face the immense challenges that await us. we must stand up, to preach peace, tolerance, stability, union and the virtues of solidarity".

"we are a proud people who are worth gold, with courage we hide our difficulties under the masks of audacity. we regularly mobilize and ask various actors working in favor of peace and living together for support, in raising the awareness among our people on tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity"

20th May celebrations of 2021 h
gave the elite, that opportunity to express deep desire to live and act together, united in diversity, with his people in a view to build a viable world based on peace, solidarity and harmony.

Majesté Elhadj TIDJANI

Living together in peace for the good of all for social cohesion and access to development, is a call from His Majesty Elhadj Tidjani of Mayo Jarangui- a district in

The traditional chief, president of the association of traditional chiefs of the district of ngaoundéré said it is necessary and took the commitment upon himself as an individual and collective introspection, while hammering;

"the construction of peace and the need to promote living together in harmony with values, is ​​more essential than ever and it is in this perspective that His Excellency the President of the Republic has made these a priority throughout his magisterium".

According to him, the Head of State's focus on the virtue Peace Les to the creation of the National Commission on Bilingualism, the recruitment of more than a thousand bilingual teachers.

"On this day, I pay tribute to all the peacemakers in our country for their tireless efforts to achieve peace. I call on all actors, particularly political and religious, to support us, us customary actors and CSOs in our society so that we can continue the daily work for tolerance."

Elites of the Adamawa region believe that tolerance is a virtue that makes peace possible.

By Katakap Heritier

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