Ngaoundéré: Over 1,500 Children Reintegrated Into families by AFFADA

Since it's creation on May 4th 2000 under the leadership of Françoise Baba Hamadou, AFFADA-Association of Women and Girls of Adamawa has reintergrated over 1500 children from the streets into their famillies, as a way protecting them from the dangers of the society.
Promoting and enhancing the rights of women and girls, ensuring their safety wherever they are found, is a mission for the Association of Women and Girls of Adamaoua (AFFADA), while celebrating 20 years of existence.

The association works for the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of children in street situations, the care and support of these children who are victims of abuse and trafficking and the well-being of women.

Each year, around 900 children are taken care of and monitored regularly, including at least 400 in school and more than 1,500 children reintegrated into their families.
After 20 years of action in the field, AFFADA has taken many  children from the streets, from prisons and integrated them into the community. Among other results obtained, the association educates at least 800 children in the country per year, and sends more than 34 women and girls to vocational training. 

The latter are currently installed on their own account. It should also be noted that several children who have come off the streets are now abroad thanks to the support of the association.

This positive assessment was obtained thanks to the five action poles set up by AFFADA: the reception and listening center, the reception and refuge center, the street project, the juvenile brigade and development projects.

AFFADA works in partnership with several international organizations to push forth her goals.

By Adamawa Correspondent

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