Ngaoundéré: Ways to Boost Economic Life In the Region Set

A workshop has opened in Ngaoundéré for a system on how to disseminate information on reporting and monitoring on Statistical information in the Cdts (SYREM-CTD).

The statistical information system (SIS) is a tool that collects and communicates information on the state of the social, economic, cultural situation and developments of the region, in order to contribute in improving administration and management of political, social and economic life.

Designed for strategic decision making, seeking high visibility and involving scientific objectivity, the regional delegate of the MINDEVEL for the Adamawa region presided over the ceremony on behalf of the Governor of the Adamawa region.

The Head of the Studies and Statistics unit at the MINDEVEL, Head of the IT unit and MINDEVEL departmental delegates from the North, Adamawa and the Far North, Several mayors, officials of the national institution statistics answered present.

Through this conclave an initiative to be of credit to UNDP, which will intend bring a contribution and solution to the effects of covid 19, was created.

By Adamawa Correspondent

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