Ngaoundéré: Freight Carriers at War with Bolloré

In Ngaoundéré, a group of carriers and other actors of this trade are attacking the French multinational who refuses to apply floor tariffs.

The road hauliers of goods operating on the Douala-Bangui and Douala-Ndjamena transit corridors are struggling to agree on the minimum prices and the contribution to the running costs of monitoring committees to the tune of 15,000 CFA frs per load, signed in euphoria as transport prices continue to divide the various players.

"At the end of consultations, it was agreed that no one had to be forced to contribute the15,000 CFA frs, that other organizations which have unions allow themselves to broadcast in social networks to say that we are wrongly taking money from carriers." Ibrahima Yaya, President of the Cameroon Land Transporters Group.

Another point of contention, an object of frustration that poisons relations between the various actors, is the non-application of the new prices for the transportation of goods into the hinterland and on transit by the Bolloré group.

A state of affairs that shakes the corporation, having become the target to shot down the French giant which does it alone is now on the mind of these carriers.

Despite the avalanche of negative reactions, the multinational is sticking to its position. A situation that arouses the anger of the community of freight carriers who do not hesitate to utter threats.

"Even adventurers like Bolloré will submit. This is Cameroon, not France. Bolloré must comply with the new floor prices" Pierre Nyemeck Ntamack, President of Professional Truckers of Cameroon.

The freight carriers from the northern regions of Cameroon, who met in Ngaoundéré have undertaken to respect the application of floor tariffs resulting from consultations between the Government and the unions.
In the field of freight transport, if optimism is not yet in place, the profession intends to use all its weight for the effective application of consensual tariffs.

By Adamawa Correspondent

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