Youth empowerment: Youth Ministry takes Mobilisation Techniques Online

The Regional Delegate for MINJEC Northwest region, Nimpa Bonaventure, has revealed that working in the region entails great sacrifice, bravery, devotion.

He was speaking in the prescence of participants, being representatives of MINJEC's decentralized structures in all 7 Divisions of the Northwest region called to attend a training in Bamenda from  May 11th to Friday 14th 2021 in Bamenda.

The training focused on the need to put a new operational online training system following the challenges faced by youths in 2020.

According to the Regional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC), their prescence and turn out showed solidarity, looking at the youth representative and voluntary youth mentors who brave distances to be present.

"The training initiative is important, it is part of the acceleration of the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan by the Head of State.
Working in the region entails great sacrifice, bravery and devotion, We feel neglected and abandoned and we hope for a better treatment to reconcile with working conditions. Despite the observations we remain duty conscious and devoted" Nimpa Bonaventure said.

The 4-day Regional workshop brings together representatives from all across the Northwest region, for the operationalization of Online REAMORCE and validation of INSEC Tools and Youth Buisness Plans. The organisers say, this is in line with the Head of State's efforts to curb youth unemployment and support entrepreneurship.

The workshop is intended to give them more knowledge on how to set a mindset for these youths to be focused in the plan and make use of the funding made available by the government, for their development.

According to the Head of Mission, the multiple crisis in Cameroon has caused the Head of State, President Paul Biya to intensify the process of operationalization of this plan through the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, with over 999 youths from all 7 Divisions of the Northwest region trained in 2020.

The Secetary General at the North West Governor's, Viang Mekala representing the Governor said

"As a way to support the Head of State in the quest for a better life and well being of the children for a better emmergence is 2035, government is building capacities so that youths can be trained and get involved in the Three-Year Special Youth Plan. It is a nationwide activity, as part of the promises of the presidential plan, which aims at being inclusive taking into account local realities".

"The Head of State is committed to the implementation of the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan, making an appeal to the youths to make the most of the opportunities offered by the government which has a state priority to
accelerate socio economic intergration of youths in the agricultural and innovative sectors". He added

The Head of Missions to the NW supervising the training of trainers at the Regional Level, says the workshop is an opportunity for the administrative , municipal and traditional authority to become acquainted with the project and young promoters in order to provide them with the necessary guarantee and support.

Talking to press, Ndiwane Joseph indicated that the "Special Youth" program is a governmental program that permits atleast 1500 young people to be intergrated per year with over 500 of them getting funding.

"It is important to publicize the various tools and procedures involve in the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan and the procedure starts with the registration of the youth in the National Youth Obsevatory, where the youth will have to choose an adapt a project to the environment. 

The project will be proposed to the local committee, monitored and once validated, the project is fowarded to the national level, validated and the youth account opened." The head of mission said .

Partner Ministeries to facilitate the plan are; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development MINADER, Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development MINEPAT, Ministry of Finance MINFI, Ministry of Secondary Education MINSEC, Lifestick, Fisheries and Development Project LIFIDEP, Vocational Training, public and private partners involve in the implementation of the plan.

Over 6 Billion CFA has been allocated for the youth budget by the state.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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