Power Changes Hands at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda

New Ayaba Boss

Mr Ondoa, formerly the operations manager of the Ayaba hotel, becomes the new general manager of the Ayaba hotel. He replaces Mr Doume Zacharie dismissed for gross negligence.

Ondoa was installed in office yesterday by the North West regional Tourism delegate, while Doume's office was sealed along with those of the accountant and cashier.

A "tough" audit on the management of the former DG is in preparation.

Mr Ondoa, now the new boss of Ayaba, has often criticized the way Mr Doume Zacharie, former CEO of the Ayaba hotel, administered this structure. His opposing views had long been a source of discord between him and his predecessor, to the point where the two had become, according to observers, "sworn enemies".

The appointment of Mr Ondoa as the new boss has however become a bitter pill for the former DG Doume Zacharie.

Doumbe Zacharie, Former Ayaba Boss

According to some sources, the former CEO would have tried in vain to oppose the appointment of the former Ayaba hotel woker to succeed him, because "he always believed that he was the only one capable to ensure the proper functioning of the hotel "specifies this source.

Leaving his post could be attributed to several things; the non-advancement of staff for more than 9 years at the head of the structure, the tense atmosphere between him and the new boss of Ayaba today, his opposition to certain elites.

Where is Mr. Doume Zacharie after many times "ignored the application of the recommendations of the tourism ministry, after the meetings held in Bamenda to restore peace between him and Mr. Ondoa" explains anonymously a source of the Ministry.

Ayaba's former “Messiah” falls like “a fly” he who believed himself to be “super powerful”. On site in Ayaba, it is satisfaction for some employees and disappointment for others.

"It's over for the lousy" said recipient of the news, which favoured them.

"He spent his time insulting us, telling us that he is very rich, that's the money we worked at Ayaba" adds a visibly satisfied employee.

 An employee dismissed by Doume came to Ayaba to congratulate the new boss Mr Ondoa. Others happy, indignant about the way Mr. Doume Zacharie use to manage the case of the deceased employees in Ayaba. 

The latest being the case of Mr. Mayack François, an executive of the house who died of illnesses. "a gentleman like Mayack dies Mr. Doume Zacharie remains quiet, even to go and console the wife of the deceased he does nothing, it is when a group of staff who have contributed 2000 francs buy drinks to go greet the widow, that Doume visits after several days, it's incredible, ”says this employee. "He was mean, Doume," he adds.

On the other hand it is the disappointment for other employees, some Colleagues will miss him and remembered him for his efforts.

"He tried during all these years to always pay our salaries, it's true that he favored his people but he worked well, he will be missed" says an employee.

Doume Zacharie, dismissed for gross negligence, leaves when he had launched the rehabilitation work on certain parts of the hotel. Information has it that the money used for the rehabilitation work comes from the payment of part of the hotel's debt.

However, the former CEO of the Ayaba hotel will have to answer for the  management of funds, the contracts he made, the purchase of several televisions, remote control and other materials that never worked. This revealed a source, the management of the hotel's laundry and more.

Loved and hated, the Grand Doume Zacharie alias "My dear" leaves his seat of power at Ayaba hotel.


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