Management of Covid 19 Funds: MINJEC Communicates through Its Newsletter

Here is the real account of the use of resources allocated to Minjec
In your newspaper published on Monday, May 17, 2021, shared online and included in the press review of certain media, you headlined the following:

“Covid Fund: Denunciation to the Ministry of Youth. Information indicating an embezzlement of funds intended for the fight against Covid-19 has been circulating for a few days. The communications services of this ministry are very embarrassed ", the hat follows the big headlines. Housed in the NEWS section on page 3 of your newspaper, the headline is similar to that of the front page. Embezzlement of Covid funds: A youth ministry official unpacks everything.
Also, we allow ourselves as usual, to use this same channel to restore the facts in their context.
Indeed, regarding the rumor that aims to create a buzz on social networks we did not see fit to respond to it. With the use of this information by La Nouvelle Expression, which we think is serious, we saw fit to provide some clarification both for your writing and for your audience.
As part of the government response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) has undertaken to conduct a special public awareness campaign. The said campaign is carried out in the field by Mobile Popular, Urban and Rural Animation Teams (EMAPUR), Community Mediators, Civic Service Called Persons and other associations and youth movements under the banner of the National Youth Council of Cameroon. An activity coordinated by the local supervision structures of MINJEC throughout the national territory alongside the Ministry of Public Health and other partners.
Thus, following Decree No. 2020/3221 / PM of July 22, 2020 fixing the distribution of the allocation of the special solidarity fund by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, a sum of 750 million (seven hundred and fifty million CFA francs) was allocated to MINJEC, in order to carry out the above-mentioned campaign and not 850 million (eight hundred and fifty million CFA francs) as announced in your columns.

To support the sensitization teams raised, MINJEC has broken down the allocation of the overall sum of 750 million as follows, contrary to what is written in your article:
- Regional delegation (10): 20 million CFA francs;
- Departmental delegation (58): 87 million CFA francs;
- District delegation (360): 360 million CFA francs;
- National Center for Popular and Civic Education: 10 million CFA francs;
- National Center for Youth and Sports of Kribi: 10 million CFA francs;
- The two multifunctional centers for the promotion of young people (CMPJ) of reference (Yaoundé and Douala) 02 million CFA francs;
- The 10 regional CMPJs: 05 million CFA francs;
- The 58 departmental CMPJ: 14 million 500 thousand CFA francs;
- The 363 district CMPJs and youth centers: 36 million 300 thousand CFA francs;
- Coordination and material acquisitions of protection and awareness: 205million 200 thousand CFA francs.
It is important to note that the payment files, in particular the funds intended for decentralized services introduced to the Ministry of Finance, suffered three rejections for various and varied reasons.
Also, in order to avoid foreclosure of all these allocated funds, MINJEC requested and obtained from its Finance colleague the transfer of certain credits, for a total amount of 360 million, for the acquisition of motorcycles for the sensitization of populations at the local level. The related files are being processed at the level of the competent services, in the same way as certain files for the acquisition of awareness and protection equipment.

In any case to date, no payment of the COVID FUND to the decentralized services has yet been made by the Ministry of Finance. Consequently, the young people who made the sensitization and whose copies of identification documents were received by the regional delegates of MINJEC for the constitution of the file as the procedures require it, could not indeed be paid. because the related funds have been misappropriated, but for reasons of non-compliance with procedures specific to the management of Covid funds.
However, a plea is made towards the hierarchy with a specific employment account in order to find a solution to encourage the many young volunteers who have been working in the field since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cameroon. Moreover, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, had in his time congratulated this noble work of young volunteer sensitizers.


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