Armed Conflict, Northwest region: Four soldiers killed in the Bui

Partial View of Bui Division

Security sources says, they so called Ambazonian... "general "No Pity" who had killed five soldiers in Galim is the author of this new attack.

The army has been at the fore front against the "Ambas Boys" in Bui for several days. This stronghold of the separatist movement led by General Ambazonian "No Pity" resisted despite repeated assaults by the Cameroonian army.

Since May 15th, Cameroonian troops have taken up positions in the division of Bui where the Ambazonian general "No Pity" has settled. 

Several villages of this locality namely, Kumbo the capital, Tadu, Vekovi, Meluf, Laissin, have become the theaters of armed clashes between the army and the armed separatist group of the famous general "No Pity".

The photos and other videos from these localities posted on social networks by partisant of separatist movement, attest the intensity of fighting and the tense climate that reigns in these places.

On social networks, the leaders of this separatist movement claimed victory. On Tuesday 25th 2021 in the morning, Capo Daniel, leader of these armed groups base in Bui, posted a video where his elements present the results of one of their operations against the gendarmerie brigade in the locality of Laissin.

In this video of more than two minutes, the Amba boys of General "No Pity" presented a whole military arsenal, recovered after an attack according to them. 

We could see, four Ak 47 rifles ammunitions and magazines, a grenade a pistol bulletproof vests of the military police as well as uniforms. A considerable harvest according to Capo Daniel who praised the bravery of General "No Pity". 

These groups of "No Pity" indicated in this video killed 4 soldiers including the commander of the Laissin brigade where the attack took place. We have not been able to verify this report from an independent source. 

The SDO of Bui contacted by telephone confirms the death of four gendarmes without further comments. Note that these fighting, which continues in Bui have already caused several deaths, according to security sources.

The Ambazonian general "Akwaba" have been neutralized with seven  of his fighters, adds our sources. A video that went viral showed houses set on fire in the town of Tadu.

Stop the entry of weapons

In this army offensive, the troops on the ground come from Koutaba, 51st Brim etc. The objective according to some security sources is to neutralize the armed groups in Bui and especially its leader General "No Pity". 

In a prefectoral order dated May 21, the SDO of Donga Mantung had decided to close the land and river borders of his division with the state of Taraba in Nigeria.

"All land and river borders of Donga Mantung Department with Taraba State in Nigeria, stretching from Yang Village in Nwa Subdivision to Buku Village in Ako Ward, must be closed until further notice ”, reads the order.

According to the SDO, the decision aimed at"... Maximizing the fight against the smuggling of illegal weapons, ammunition, drugs and other dangerous substances which make people and their property insecure". 

Regarding those who violate the order, Prefect Simon Nkwenti Ndoh is categorical: "... any individual or group of people found violating the order will be prosecuted in accordance with the legal instruments in force". 

To deal with those breaking the order, the Prefect called on the sub-prefects of Ako and Nwa districts, law enforcement officials, mayors and traditional leaders to enforce the order.

The dreaded "No Pity"

He stands out today as the new "Field Marshal" of the secessionist fighters. He has been greatly feared for several months now. To his credit, several attacks in western region of Cameroon, including the attack on Galim which cost the death of 5 soldiers last April. 

“On the night of Saturday to Sunday April 30, around 8:30 p.m. (local time / GMT + 1), around twenty armed secessionist terrorists simultaneously attacked the gendarmerie brigade and the police station in the town of Galim, located in the region of the West ”, had reported, the governor of the West, Fonka Awa Augustine.

In December 2018, one person was killed and several others kidnapped or shot, wounded in a separatist attack on the village of Bangourain in the Western Region.

 This other attack still bore the signature of "No Pity". The governor of the region also mentioned that around 50 houses were set on fire during the attack. 

The localities of the French-speaking part of Cameroon have for some time been the object of incursions by English-speaking secessionists, who have so far carried out their operations in the English-speaking regions of the North West and the South west regions.

Culled from Nouvelle Expression
Ndefru Melanie

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