Adamawa Region: Tax Center in Action for a win-win Collaboration with Integrated tax partners

As part of the implementation of the Integrated Tax Partner (PFI),
there has been a signing of a 
Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration instructed by the Directorate General of Taxes, chaired by the governor of the Adamoua region, HM Elhadjl Kildadi Taguieké Boucar.

At the opening of the session, the governor invited traders grouped by associations, to adopt and become one with a pedagogic approach in this framework of consultation. The partnership was first of its kind to be signed in the Regional Center, which concretizes the will of the top management of the DGI in terms of broadening the tax base and monitoring taxpayers in a context of digitalization procedures.

To the new tax partner of the trade sector, he said the full availability of his Regional Center to supervise all taxpayers in the real estate sector in the ment of their obligations and to guarantee tax fairness in each sector of activities.

At the Adamoua Regional Tax Center, Jean Claude Otseng, representatives of the trade sector proceeded to sign this collaboration between the Tax Administration.

The president of the regional council of Adamawa, the mayors of the of Ngaoundere I, II and III, City Mayor of Ngaoundere, regional delegates of trade and that of decentralization, collaborators of the regional and departmental CDI, the representatives of the trade unions and trade associations of the region, were witnesses.

The new tax partner appreciated the initiative taken by the Tax Administration and expressed the wish that this partnership will continue. He promised to give in his full contribution to broadening the tax base and improving the tax compliance of operators in this sector.

It should be noted that the concept of Integrated Tax Partner (PFI) is in line with the online procedures in force at the DGI, of which it is corollary. 

Discussions are underway for a new management approach that will contribute to the achievement of revenue targets and efficient supervision of taxpayers. 

This will require an intensification of media, advertising and communication campaigns, with the key being the multiplication of taxpayer training and the incitement of the latter, have even evoked here the probable construction of kiosks in the steps to bring closer the taxes of the taxpayers.

It is therefore left for a three-year contract which will be saction by an evaluation.

By Katakap Adamawa 

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