Armed Conflict: CBC Health Worker Killed in Bamenda

According to information from a close aid, an armed group at a checkpoint around Mile 90 Nsongwa Bamenda has attacked a joint community health outreach team from Nkwen Baptist Hospital Bamenda killing one person, wounding a doctor currently responding to medical treatment.

This happened around 2 pm Saturday February 26, 2022. The 16-man team was returning to the hospital after two days of intensive community healthcare delivery in Ashong and Bali when they came under indiscriminate premeditated gun attacks by unidentified men.

Madam Shey Janet, a long-serving worker in charge of the Women’s Health Program, died on the spot from multiple bullet wounds. 

The bullets went through the windscreen of one of the vehicles transporting the health workers who had no other mission to Ashong and Bali than to provide healthcare to hundreds of fellow human beings suffering from multiple health problems.

In a brief service at the hospital Saturday evening, the CBC Health authorities and workers, numbed and shattered by shock and disbelief, yearn for intervention and hope as powerless mortals serving humanity and the Creator in an environment where even healthcare has become a crime.

Emmanuel B.

Nkwen Baptist Hospital


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