MINEFOP Adamawa rallies thousands of Youths at Trade Fair

Young people both in an out of school responded to MINEFOP's  invitation - Regional Delegation for Employment and Vocational training, to take part in a trade fair dubbed; "Crossroads of trades and job exchange of Adamawa".

For this 2022 edition, these youths were able to visit over 10 exhibition stands installed at thr courtyard of the town hall of Ngaoundere and toured the premises of the delegation to find out about the training and services offered by MINEFOP.

There were also exchanges with experts, teachers, staff, and partners of this "give and take" meeting chaired by the governor of the Adamawa region, His Majesty Elhadj Kildadi Taguieke Boucar.

According to the organizers, the trades and job exchange was an essential orientation event.

High school students are confronted each year with the choice of their orientation. The university plays an important role in the success of its students, and that role begins with a successful orientation. 

An event is offered each year to young people to support and help them in this process: The crossroads of trades and the Adamawa job exchange is one of that occasion. This time the event is co-carried by the regional delegation of employment and vocational training and its multiple strategic and operational partners.

The event this year is said to have reinvented itself, in the choice of themes in particular. So that despite the health crisis, young people can participate in this important meeting of their orientation.

Visitors were able to discover the job offers available in the region, the extra-curricular training services and the partners of  MINEFOP.

Teachers, personal supervisors and MINEFOP partners were mobilized to answer young people's questions, to understand in a few minutes the essentials on professional training, entrepreneurship or innovation.

Not just the exhibition was interesting, visitors were oportunned to have access to 20 short and dynamic training videos.

By Katakap Heritier 

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