ESSOKA SECURITY Debunks Fake News: Denies Affiliations with Major General Ivo

Impersonation, false information about ESSOKA SECURITY has been circulating on social media platforms through a few news agencies, which triggered a Press Release from ESSOKA SECURITY to clear the air through a Press Conference.

Management at ESSOKA SECURITY Says the news about it's ownership, structure and existence being affiliated to Major General Ivo Desancio Yenwo, Director of Presidential Security is a huge Scam.

"The reason for this press conference is to clarify media men, to understand what's going on. ESSOKA SECURITY has good track record till date. We are not an ally to the said General Ivo, he has nothing to do with us".

"We are charged with guarding; we have patrol, supervision and an intervention unit. With 23 years of experience in security services and solutions. We have progressive records; of an intergrated security system which is provided to institutions under ESSOKA SECURITY." Head of Communication at ESSOKA SECURITY Bamenda, Musi WAA.

ESSOKA SECURITY debunks fake news, refutes all information in circulation contrary to its activities, position and ownership. Nsoh Joseph is the current CEO of ESSOKA SECURITY Corporation and has no affiliations with the said Major General.

Some of the news sites online claimed that the British High Commission in Cameroon contracted ESSOKA SECURITY to provide security, good guarding services for it's offices and staff residence in Yaoundé, courtesy of the said Major General Ivo. Management of ESSOKA SECURITY told the press, "all these are all fake".

"I don't know this man, I don't know what he is talking about. I have seen him only in pictures but I want to say that all that is being said on social media about him having something to do with us or give us contracts, is all fake", CEO, ESSOKA SECURITY Corporation, Nsoh Joseph.

Created in 1998, the CEO says he is not concerned about the intensions behind the blackmail or fake news, he talks about being more focussed with the media doing a rejoinder, making every effort to debunk the fake news.

ESSOKA SECURITY has a head office in Bamenda with offices spread across the 10 regions of Cameroon; providing services to several companies across Cameroon.

By Ndefru Melanie

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