Adamawa Region: Young People in Ngaoundére II Receive support for Educational Purposes

No development is possible without quality education. Idrissou Abana arrives Gada-Mabanga community in Ngaoundére II with multiple means, with actions to offer young people a quality education.

He offered financial support for the schooling of children, while assisting in the construction of classrooms, equip offices of directors, the develop some access roads leading to schools, made donations of school supplies.

The Mayor, Idrissou Abana has not hesitated on the means to offer to the schools of his community qualified teachers, supported according to the regulatory devices governing the accompaniment of the town halls to the schools.

Many say he is the man who built houses for schoolmasters alongside, temples of knowledge. Seen as a man of the field who from time to time puts his hand in his pocket to support people in his community.

"Our teachers must be treated with respect and dignity. Our education system must be the foundation of our development." Mayor said.

By Katakap in Adamawa region

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